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12:11pm 20/05/2002
mood: aggravated
i've been gone for quite a while, but there's nothing to say. i thought if i didn't post for like a month, i'd have a novel to write when i returned. so not the case...

zeb got a new truck. it's an old fast one. silver and black. someone broke into it and fucked shit up. everything is ok now. vroom...

it takes forever for me to find something worth saying. worth mentioning. worth telling.
forever isn't here.

heather is confused. i want to help, but i'm sick of getting bitched at later when everything is my fault because i was nagged at to give advice, and i was wrong. i miss when everyone is happy and everything is ok.

how boring. how awful and dumb and stoopid. i'll come back when i have a good day.
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same quizzy thing as davidy...   
06:02pm 18/04/2002
mood: bored
1. Name: krysti
2. Age: seventeen
3. Sex: female
4. Cherry or apple?: cherry
5. Single?: no
7. What do you prefer ? "sex" or "make love"? depends on the occasion...
8. Are you a virgin?: no
9. Nationality?: german, mexican, swedish,...
10. What's your favorite holiday?: christmas...cliche? indeed.....also....october 7th
11. Favorite sports?: sno-boarding
12. Does size really matter?: no...do my boobs matter? hmm?
13. Favorite color?: clear...so i can see red, black, and periwinkle
14. Favorite movie(s): office space...cheech n chong ones....i’m a movie fiend!
15. Do you wear pajamas or sleep in the nude?: jammies in winter, nuddie in summer
16. Candles or incense?: incense.....do the candles have glitter in them tho?
17. Car or truck?: both
18. Music: alternative, classic rock, some punk, some emo, some techno, some rappy junk...one word: tool!
19. Laugh or cry at a funeral?: cry
21. Do you believe in chain letters?: do you believe in pink bunnies with pannies on?
22. Do you sleep with your stuffed animal?: 3...
23. Do you love anyone?: i love everyone.....ok so zeb and like a bazillion trillion others
24. McDonalds or Burger King?: wendy’s
25. What is/are your mostly used nickname(s)?: krys, cupcake, princess, krystilicious,...
26. What's the worst thing you have ever done?: told russ “you could live in this van!” ...its a ghetto van.......russ lives in his van......
27. Obsession?: which one?
28. How often do you clean your room?: once a year...if your lucky
29. Number 1 on your list to have sex with?: zeb
30. Sexiest person you know: zeb...and jude law
31. What do you wanna name your kids?: starlie mae and dylan something
34. Pepsi or Dr. Pepper?: dr pepper owns
35. Is Vanilla Ice cool or does he still suck?: he’s a puss!
36. Rather eat at home or out?: red robin
37. Favorite cartoon?: powerpuff girls! wooo!
38. Rather be a Smurf or Scooby Doo?: blossom
39. Tyra Banks or Mya?: reese witherspoon
40. Where are your piercings?: on my body
41. Drugs?: wouldnt you like to kno!
42. Jerry Springer or Ricki Lake?: ew
43. If you could be reincarnated, what would you come back as?: a kitty
44. Have you got any pets?: an obese kitty named jassie
45. Brownies or cupcakes?: brownies with cupcakes on top!
46. If you had 24 hours left to live, how would you spend it?: party my lil heart out....and then spend it in zebby’s arms
47. Cat-person or dog-person?: animal person
48. What's better ? bass or guitar?: both together
49. Is your writing messy or neat?: pretti
50. Where do you want to live?: not here
51. How many kids do you want?: 2 or 3
52. Habla espanol?: parler vous francais?
53. Have you ever run away?: yes
54. Does anyone owe you money?: yes...*ahem*......heather....! *_^
55. Are you happy or sad right now?: bored
56. Would you rather smoke two joints or do your homework?: two joints...homework sucks
57. How’s school?: dumb
58. What do you think you will die of?: not taking care of my diabetes
59. Worst smell in the world: your mom
60. Favorite place to go: the beach...and concerts...and parties...
61. What do you want to be when you grow up?: children’s physical therapist
63. Do you go to church?: no
64. What do you do when your bored?: web design, aim,...
65. Beavis or Butt-head?: bobby
66. Book or magazine?: poetry
67. Ever seen a ghost?: i wanna
68. Do you believe in witchcraft?: dunno
69. Do you sleep with the music on?: no
70. King Of The Hill? or The Simpsons?: both
72. Do men suck?: no
73. Do women suck?: no
74. Ever been arrested?: no
75. Mad TV or Mad Magazine?: snl
76. Steak or salad?: caesar salad with lots o lemon!
77. Craziest thing you've ever done: i flashed for girls gone wild, spring break volume 1!....um...no...
78. What's the band you hate the most?: those dumb, played out wannabe punk bands....alien ant farm, crap like that....yay for underground punk!
79. Worst TV show?: scrubs
79 1/2. Have you ever cheated on someone?: no
80. Have you ever been cheated on?: yes...bastards...
81. Beer or wine?: mike’s hard lemonade
82. Favorite book: nothin good lately...
83. Favorite number(s): 8
84. "Haha" or "hehe"?: indeed
85. End with a quote: PEZ?! WHERE?!


- Your sex: female
- Sex of that perfect somebody: male
- Your age: 17
- Their age: 18
- Your planned degree(s): children’s physical therapy...er...whatever degree goes with that
- Their planned degree(s): didn’t even finish high school...


- Do they smoke? marjijuana
- Do you smoke? nope, sorry, i dont got no cancer stix!
- What kind of vehicle do they drive? honda civic
- Are they on top of world events and politics? no
- Did you vote in your nation's last big election? no
- How religious are they? none
- When they disagree with you, they: pout....and then we watch movies
- Traits you love: smile and tummi
- Traits that get to you: childishness


- If they were an athlete, in what Olympic event would they compete? sno-boarding
- What commercial sport would they want tickets to watch? mud wrestling
- If they won a free accessory/upgrade to their vehicle, they would get: a different car
- Their favorite computer accessory? me
- If they took you to a concert, it would be of: ozzfest or tool
- Would they take you to a museum or theme park?: disneyland!
- Cats or dogs?: kitties
- If they play one instrument, it would be: guitar
- Their dream job might be: own a skate shop
- Your dream job?: fashion designer


- Do you want children and if so, how many?: yes, 2 or 3
- Who would be their primary care provider?: huh?
- The greatest thing about kids: they’re cute
- The worst thing about kids: green poop
- Would you buy them a car? the kids?: yeah
- Would you pay for college?: yeah
- Would you or your somebody be the primary financial provider?: me
- Divorce is: sad


- Three adjectives that describe you: pretti, passionate, and precious
- Three adjectives that describe them: silly, sexi, sweet
- Do they prefer to relax or stay busy?: relax
- Their goals in life are dynamic, realistic, or impossible?: honestly......impossible
- Do they prefer spontaneous or well planned?: he doesn’t plan anything
- Do they sing in the shower?: no
- Introvert or Extrovert?: what?
- What is difficult to get from them?: the truth, sometimes


- What skin tone is your perfect somebody?: same as me...olive
- Describe their hair: brownish-blonde, pretti, needs to be cut rite now...
- Tall/Short?: tall
- Piercings: ears closed up
- Tattoos: a dragon, soon
- When you look at their face, you quickly notice: eyes
- The perfect eye color: zebby has one grey eye, and one brown

My Idea Of Heaven: whatever you want it to be
*On the CD player: mixes i’ve made
*On the radio: kylie minogue
*On the TV: friends
*On the VCR: in the vcr, you mean? yeah, ok....one of my kickboxing tapes
*Your spouse/partner: zeb
*Your dinner: tonite? barbeque somethin er other...and baked potatoes, and caesar salad...with lots o lemon!
*Your clothes: mixed....bright colors, and black
*Your hair: medium length, brown, with caramel higlights
*Your library: dr. seuss
*Your dwelling: a house
*Your neighborhood: crap
*Your job: crap
10:38pm 15/04/2002
mood: restless
+ My whole life spent wondering who's hiding behind this face of mine.
+ "Hey Frankie, you gonna give me your class ring?" "uhhhh, I'm afraid I can't do that Annette" "Well, why not?" "Because I don't have any arms....AHHHHHHH!"
+ ...And i'm feeling hurt, and I'v fought back some tears of my own. But there's something to be said for those who face the darkness alone...
+ I'm just a faded negative of the image i used to be.
+ Music is an indirect force for change, because it provides an anchor against human tragedy.
+ Everyone defines everyone else, well I don't give a fuck. Label me whatever the hell you want. I just want to be left alone. So I can wear my thrift shop clothes and not have mohawked hair or the most perfect spikes. So I can like whatever band I like. I know who I am, don't label me cause you can't tell me who to be. And if you don't think I'm "punk", I don't give a fuck. I won't be a clone.
+ Maybe I'm a prehistoric monster by being an individual. It's highly likely. All I offer to others is their own individuality. Grab it!
+ sometimes the most postive thing you can be in a boring society is absolutely negative.
+ If I could only have one thing for the rest of my life? That's easy... PEZ, Cherry flavored PEZ, no question about it.
+ I wish I had a schilling for every senseless killing - I'd buy a government.
+ Ordinary people do fucked-up things when fucked-up things become ordinary.
+ I guess life is just a popularity contest. Success, the ability to perform within a framework of obedience. Just ask the candy-coated Joy-Cam rock-bands selling shoes for venture-capitalists, silencing competing messages, rounding off the jagged edges. Today is good day to die.
+ Any self-respecting punk rocker knows that christian punk is an oxymoron!
+ Every now and then I turn it on again But it's plain to see that The radio still sucks.
+Well, maybe that’s the problem with punk, and the root of its hypocritical nature. The fact that it is no longer a statement at all. It is a deviation from the mainstream, but by deviating it only becomes it’s own separate mainstream. Punks no longer shock people.
+How come on the condom dispensers it has a little picture of birds flying over a pretty mountain. They use sex to sell everything else... why don't they use sex to sell condoms?

Thank you for your time...! *_^
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long time, no write...!   
03:40pm 04/04/2002
mood: cheerful
i know. dont' yell. you haven't missed anything worth hearing anyways.

it's such a beautiful day today! i wish i wasn't stuck at home, alone, doing nothing. i should go prance in the sunshine and pick flowers. or have a water fight...with myself....against...myself!

so zeb came to lunch today. yay! i was so excited! he brought us subway and we sat in the sun in the courtyard with the crew. heather played guitar and we sat in a big circle, like a bunch of hippies, only we weren't in the grass. it was wonderful, indeed!

i have this big craving to go to the thrift store and find some old toys i use to have. i want a glo-worm again. and a rainbow brite doll, some my little ponies, and some ninja turtle action figures. and i want to decorate my room with them and get care bear bedding just like when i was 5...


"look at me! i'm anonymous, and i'm cool because i'm anonymous!" -heather
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08:26pm 26/03/2002
mood: energetic

for your viewing pleasure... *_^


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my world is yours   
11:53am 19/03/2002
mood: content
ahhh! i HATE time! i never have enough of it! since my last entry like, um, a week ago almost, not much has been going on, as usual. let's see...

+ i chose my classes for next year. they are:
- poetry, mass media, college writing, yearbook, aerobics,
computer tech., french 5-6, drawing, and t.a.

+ i went to archie mcphee on friday night and got bracelets and monster finger puppets!

+ bought a cheap sweatshirt from work and a beanie

+ made up with heather!

+ got a new computer for my web server work

+ bought an old stone temple pilots cd from second time around, one of those "recycle-your-old-stuff" stores. i also got some old records there. i didn't pay attention to who they were, just went by the coverart. typical me, looking at everything in an artistic perspective.

that's about it. unless, of course, you'd like to hear about my maceroni and peas barf episode...?!

yep, all done.

oh yes, and i got a new IM name: x riotstarr

added it? good.

a bientot!


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11:40am 13/03/2002
mood: gloomy
i have a few thoughts today:

+ heather is only my friend during newspaper. and now that i think about it, i think the only reason is because we both like to talk, and no one else really does. i think it also has something to do with how i dont shop at thrift stores and wear items such as rainbow boots.

+ i love how my "friends"...or...acquaintances...talk to ian, and then tell me about how they're going to hang out this weekend or something, or better yet, how about when they talk to him and then come to me and tell me that they think he's such a fucking retard. first off, i dont want to hear about it. it's ian. secondly, why do you talk to him if you think he's so stupid? it's funny how they think that somehow, by talking to ian and then telling me about it, that that makes me want to have a conversation with them...

+ i have no talent.

what's luv, gotta do wit it?

lost in myself...   
12:18pm 11/03/2002
mood: cold
i fell asleep in the shower this morning. i dont get enough sleep and i think i've gotten about 12 hours of sleep in the past week. and today. i want to die.

so first off, my mom decides that because my dad is giving her a ride to work, she can wake me up 45 minutes late. so i get in the shower, and when i get out, my mom comes storming in and bitching about how she needed to be using the bathroom. i told her to use one of the 50 other mirrors in our house, and she threw her toothbrush at me. then, i guess marcia's mom called and said that she was sick and couldnt give me a ride, and once again, my mom told me this 15 minutes later so i had to rush to find someone to take me because she cares more about making out with my dad on the fuckin freeway than she does about me getting to school. whatever, i dont care...i should have stayed home. or better yet, i should have walked. all the way down the damn hill.
in the pouring rain. without a jacket, or umbrella, or shoes. and i should have arrived at school looking like one of those big wet dogs. they would have sent me home. i'd tell them that my mom burns me with cigarettes and makes me walk in the rain.

can you feel me?

i'm drowning in pain.
the smell of burnt plastic consumes the room...   
10:53pm 06/03/2002
mood: nauseated
ew! zeb put a spatula on the bottom shelf of the dishwasher and it was burning. i thought it was the printer at first, cuz i'm over by the computer and the printer was all whacked out anyways. but then i looked in the kitchen and it was full of smoke, and now i have a headache from the fumes. remind ME to load up the dishes from now on...you just can't trust boys with housework.

i hope it snows tonite. bunches and bunches so i won't have to put up with school tomorrow. this week seems extraordinarily long, and i want it to come to an end as soon as possible. and besides, snow is precious and beautiful! i want to make snow angels and snowmen with zeb, and have snowball fights in the crappy park down the street.

i went to the college night for juniors thing tonite...now i'm scared shitless of college and all the tests and such. they were talking about how overcrowded colleges are now, and how at UW you have to have close to an 85 on this index thing, which means you have to have like a 3.5 gpa with a 1480 on the SAT's....yeah frickin rite! i hate tests, and i hate how my whole entire schooling is based on a stupid test full of math and other retarded concepts teachers didn't teach me anyways. don't pay attention to me, i'm flipping out about nothing, as usual...stop complaining krysti, no one wants to hear it.

not much new today, peanuts...not much new this week, actually. i'm sorry my entries have been so boring, i promise they will become interesting soon enough!

goodnite kiddos! i miss and love you dearly ;)
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what is going on? i can't lose anyone else...   
11:27pm 04/03/2002
mood: sleepy
zebby got in a car accident today. he has never been really late in picking me up after school, but today i had to call my dad. i was so pissed. i thought i got ditched, and i was planning out my whole schpeal i was going to throw at him. but right after my dad, zeb pulled up, holding a huge blue ice pack on his head. i looked at the front of the car and i started shaking uncontrolably for fear that when i saw the side of zeb's head, it would be covered in blood. it wasn't....but there was a big red and purple bruise mark and it scared me because he said he was dizzy and had a migrane and i wanted him to go to the hospital. the paramedics did too, but being a typical guy, he wouldn't. if he complains of even the slightest headache this week, i'm taking him in. i don't need anymore losses in my life right now. or ever for that matter. thank you.

it's late, i just got off work and it was gay. as usual. i didn't get either of my rough drafts done, so there goes my trying to stay on task with school. ah well. no biggie.

jay leno is on, i'm going to go watch for a few. it's monday, that means it's time for headlines. those are hilarious.

i love you all! all my precious peanuts. *muah*


see you on the flipside.
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waiting and wondering...   
05:34pm 03/03/2002
mood: drained

i wish i would have been taken instead of him. he is loved so much more than i am. i wish.

richard's memorial was beautiful, yet heartbreaking.

beautiful; the amount of mourners - amazing.

heartbreaking; hurt and pain consumed the facility - it was inevitable.

however, i am glad that brendan managed to make an ass out of himself at the service. first, he goes up to the podium and manages to say about 5 words before he tried so hard to start crying that his face suggested he was constipated. second, he said "um" about twenty gazillion times that once he did get started on something, you couldn't understand what the fuck he was talking about. third, he said, "i dont have much to say, because i'd like to keep most of it to myself." hmm, is that because all the memories you have with richard were when you made him smoke pot, and that's not proper to bring up at a funeral? probably... and finally, right after one of richard's REAL friends spoke about a dream he had after richard's passing, brendan shot up out of his seat so fast you'd think he just got kicked in his fucking balls, and then said, "on the same note, i also had a dream...". while he blabbed on about his made-up dream, it sounded so cliche i wanted to shoot myself. i know i wasn't the only one who noticed. zeb noticed, and i only briefly told him about the brendan fiasco. speaking of brendan, the whole t-shirt crap was perfectly put by heather in her journal. it made me giggle, for i couldn't have said it better myself.

i'm sorry i have neglected to write for a few days, kids. i promise i'll get better at it. forgive me, for this week has been filled with chaos, tragedy, and a rather bothersome eye infection.

not that that has to do with anything. nevermind.

zeb will be home at any moment now, so we must part. ta ta!

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why'd you leave your keys upon the table?   
12:06pm 28/02/2002
mood: uncomfortable
today i feel empty. my brain is clogged with thoughts, but none worth writing. and i have a question...do we write in our live journals more for ourselves, or for others? i've pondered that, considering some of the comments i read on here in response to people's entries.

i feel naked today, despite my wearing of more clothes than normal. do you ever have those days where you feel totally lost and blah? today is one of those. and to top it off, my jacket zipper cut my tummie. darnit!

no one cares. i'm leaving.
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12:28pm 27/02/2002

i love heather! ^_*

12:07pm 27/02/2002
mood: depressed
"There is nothing worse than being in a room that is crowded with people, and feeling totally alone." -Heather's book
dr. seuss was a genius...   
09:30pm 26/02/2002
  i don't like the way things are right now. everyone and everything is out of place and i can't keep up with it all. i feel as though my life has been extremely chaotic and hectic lately, but i know its nothing compared to my closest of friends. people are dying and fighting and boys are stupid. especially brendan. brendan moron, or however you spell his name...it should be moron anyways. i think he fell off of one of those springy horses on the playground when he was little and it fucked him up for good. no one else would take advantage of their best friend while they were dying. just brendan. and he hurt heather too. what an idiot.

so today i was tired and crappy. zebby and i got quiznos and watched that 70's show and then i read some dr. seuss before i went to bed. he is so awesome. his books inspire me and make me smile. and shel silverstein too. i think i'll still be reading those books when i'm 80. since there's about a gazillion people trying to talk to me on aol, i can't keep a good train of thought going here tonite. see you kids tomorrow!

au revoir.
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